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5G smartphones and AI-powered smart tech top holiday wish lists, while Arm futurists predict greater focus on sustainability and security next year
By Arm Editorial Team
The Arm 2020 Predictions Report

Spare a thought for the smart lawnmower this holiday season. Despite new superpowers: laser vision, GPS navigation, artificial intelligence (AI) powered obstacle avoidance and self-emptying capabilities, the Arm 2020 Predictions Report suggests it’s a for-lawn hope for consumers. Only three percent of the 750 respondents taking part in our global survey told us they owned one (rising to eight percent in France – Oyez oyez jardiniers Français!), and just five percent had any interest in receiving one as a gift. We’re not dismissing it though as it’s the fastest rising segment in a global lawnmower market worth almost $30 billion a year according to analysts.

Elsewhere around the home, consumer take-up of smart devices is buoyant: voice-controlled speakers, intelligent heating, smart kitchen appliances and smart security cameras all make it onto many people’s holiday gift lists.

Still, there’s one device destined for yet another number one hit. The smartphone remains the firm favorite in most people’s minds, but that’s not to say that nothing has changed: many respondents are desperate to upgrade to a device packing 5G connectivity. And with the global 5G rollout gathering momentum (1,250+ commercial deployments according to the Ookla map), we’re likely to see ownership rates increase rapidly throughout 2020.

Dive into our interactive PDF now and explore the Arm 2020 Predictions Report

Arm Futurists Polish Their Crystal Balls

The second annual Arm 2020 Predictions Report is a barometer for global consumer attitudes and expectations on the latest technology trends. But it’s also an opportunity for Arm to share some of its own predictions for the year ahead. Here are a few examples of what’s in store…

AI Will Be Named Time Person of the Year 2020

In 2017, Unanimous AI’s artificial Swarm intelligence accurately predicted Time magazine’s Person of the Year for the second year running. But with AIs deployed in increasingly noteworthy pursuits in 2019, from predicting flood impact in Malawi to aiding the fight against global terrorism, we predict that an AI itself could be named Time Person of the Year in December 2020 (or at least make it onto the shortlist).

Consumers Wise Up to Sustainability Benefits of AI in Endpoint Devices

Tech will find itself squarely under the sustainability spotlight in 2020, with the rising carbon footprint of traditional data centers a mainstream discussion. As a result, tech-savvy digital influencers such as Greta Thunberg will start talking about the greenhouse gas benefits of further distribution of computing power – especially AI – with more processing running AI processing closer to where data is collected, in intelligent network infrastructure and endpoint devices.

Want to see what else we’re expecting in 2020? Read the full Arm 2020 Predictions Report now. You’ll also discover a variety of consumer insights, including:

  • The least and most popular future careers
  • Whether consumers are willing to pay extra for 5G
  • The immersive content experiences set to drive VR adoption in 2020
  • Why demonstrating products are secure will become a more important sales motivator than ever in 2020
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