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Arm Ecosystem Priorities and Perspectives: Read the Report

What better way to get a sense for what the future holds than asking the very people who are inventing it? That’s what we’ve done with the 2022 Arm Ecosystem Priorities and Perspectives report.
By Arm Editorial Team
2022 Arm Ecosystem Report

So much is happening in design and development across the Arm ecosystem these days that it’s hard to keep up. Consider:

  • Infrastructure and the explosion in cloud-native development
  • Automotive and the move to the software-defined vehicle
  • The Internet of things (IoT) and the push to distribute efficient compute from cloud to edge to endpoint
  • Mobile devices and the expansion of immersive, always-connected, 5G-powered experiences.

How are these taking shape? To find out, we surveyed 900 people in Arm’s global ecosystem. In the resulting report, 2022 Arm Ecosystem Priorities and Perspectives, what becomes crystal clear is that Arm technologies are being deployed everywhere. For instance, there are two dozen highly varied application segments that respondents are deploying their Arm-based solutions. These are areas like edge servers and data centers, robotics and automotive, home automation, and smart devices.

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2022 Arm Ecosystem Priorities and Perspectives Report highlights ecosystem concerns, innovations

What are the big concerns? Improving security, lowering development time and costs, and remote management of devices in the field are on the list.

At Arm, we’ve worked relentlessly over the years to innovate IP, tools, and ecosystem support to help drive some of these trends, democratize design, and enable the ecosystem to deliver solutions that just work.

This year, for instance, we laid out a path toward more robust device-level security; evolved Arm SystemReady, the compliance certification program that ensures Arm-based servers, infrastructure edge, and embedded IoT systems are designed to specific requirements, enabling generic off-the-shelf operating systems to ‘just work’ and demonstrated broad industry adoption of security certification approaches from PSA Certified and design flexibility with Arm Flexible Access. And much, much more.

In the 2022 Arm Ecosystem Priorities and Perspectives Report, you’ll also find insight and analysis in these areas from our senior Arm leaders: Dipti Vachani, GM of our IoT and Automotive business, Mohamed Awad, VP of IoT & Embedded groups, Chris Bergey, who runs our Infrastructure group, and Paul Williamson, whose Client business works with partners across the mobile computing realm.

Where are our ecosystem partners focusing?

  • Chris writes about how the speed of data insight is driving partners to deploy computing solutions throughout the compute continuum, from cloud to endpoint, to reduce latency and improve security.
  • Mohamed analyzes why C-suite respondents see immense value in IoT thanks to automation and simplification of systems and how they’re turning to solutions to enable just that.
  • Paul looks at how the global effort to improve sustainability gets a tremendous lift from ever-more efficient computing solutions in the mobile space.
  • And Dipti describes how enabling technologies in hardware and software are sparking partner innovation in healthcare, where, for example, researchers want to be able to more quickly and accurately spot partners in data that can lead to improve diagnoses.

There’s an old adage: nothing beats knowing. And in the enormously competitive world of electronics technology, gaining insight from the experts who are shaping the future is critically important. Check out the Arm 2022 Ecosystem Priorities and Perspectives report here for a wealth of insights about design trends.

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