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The Future of Computing: From A to Z on Arm in 2022

2022 has been another stunning year for Arm, with many activities, initiatives, launches and announcements that are redefining the future of computing. Here’s the A to Z of these key achievements in a year like no other for Arm and our world-leading ecosystem.
By Arm Editorial Team

A is for Autonomous driving, with Arm working with autonomous driving company Cruise to support its compute platform that combines high performance and efficiency.

B is for the Board of Directors, with the appointment of Tony Fadell, the engineering brain behind the iPod, iPhone and Nest thermostat, and then Dr. Paul E. Jacobs, chairman and CEO of XCOM Labs and former CEO and executive chairman of Qualcomm Inc., and Rosemary Schooler, former corporate vice president and general manager of Data Center and AI Sales for Intel, announced in November 2022. Also joining the Arm board is Karen Dykstra, former Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of AOL, and Jeff Sine, co-Founder and Partner of Raine Group, with these announced in September 2022.

C is for the Cloud, with all the world’s major cloud providers now adopting Neoverse as part of their infrastructure offerings.

D is for Arm DevSummit, Arm’s event for the global software developer community, as the world’s software runs on Arm. DevSummit had hundreds of talks and masterclasses across a diverse range of topics in Arm’s thriving software developer ecosystem, from IoT, mobile and gaming through to automotive and the cloud.

DevSummit, Arm’s online event for the global software developer community

E is for Executive Leadership, with Rene Haas announced as the new CEO in February 2022. This was followed by the appointments of Spencer Collins as the Chief Legal Officer in May 2022 and Jason Child as the new Chief Financial Officer in September 2022.

F is 5(Five)G, with a series of new developments for Arm’s 5G Solutions Lab, including brand new use cases and partner offerings.

G is for GitHub, with Arm development tools integrated into GitHub Actions to enable a faster time-to-market for IoT and embedded developers.

H is for High-End, with Arm-based solutions and devices becoming a disruptive force in a number of new high-performance markets, including infrastructure, high-end AIoT and premium Chromebooks.

I is for Immortalis, Arm’s brand-new flagship GPU which was launched as part of the 2022 Total Compute Solutions (TCS22). Targeted for 2023 flagship smartphones, Immortalis-G715 delivers the very best visual and mobile gaming experiences. The first chipset to adopt Immortalis is MediaTek’s Dimensity 9200, announced in November 2022.

Immortalis, Arm’s brand-new flagship GPU

J is for the Journey (for Developers), with this being a key consideration for Arm’s new Developer Program. Launched in October 2022, the Arm Developer Program provides the perfect space for developers to collaborate across the Arm ecosystem, while also delivering unique access to Arm’s experts and insights on key technology topics.

The new Arm Developer program

K is for Kompanio chipsets from MediaTek, which adopt a range of Arm CPU and GPU technologies for a variety of Chromebook laptop devices across Entry-level, Mainstream and Premium.

L is for Licensing deals, with Mobileye being the first to license Mali-C78AE, in addition to Mali-G78AE (the first modern, high performance, automotive focused GPU to achieve full TUV certification), for its next-generation EyeQ technology.

M is for the Metaverse, with Arm powering the XR (augmented reality and virtual reality) solutions that will provide new and future experiences in the metaverse.

N is for Neoverse, with Arm sharing new additions to the Neoverse roadmap in September 2022, which includes Neoverse V2 (codenamed “Demeter”).

The rapid pace of innovation in the Neoverse roadmap

O is for One Hundred (100) percent of the world’s digital data, which we anticipate will be generated, stored, transmitted and/or analyzed by Arm-based processors at some point during their lifetime. 

P is for Partners, with a broad range of partners shipping more than 240 billion Arm-based chips (and counting), which includes nearly 15 billion Arm-based chips over the past two quarters that are enabling innovative devices and technologies on Arm that are redefining computing.

Q is for Quarterly financial results, with Arm’s strategy to diversify its business resulting in record quarterly royalty revenues for the past two quarters with $453 million in Q1 and $463 million in Q2.

R is for Ray Tracing, with Immortalis-G715 being the first Arm GPU to offer hardware-based ray tracing support on mobile and the Game Developer Conference (GDC) in April 2022 showcasing software-based ray tracing compute workloads on the Arm-based OPPO Find X5 Dimensity edition flagship smartphone.

S is for SOAFEE, with 50 members announced since its 2021 launch, Arm continues to work with leading industry partners on the initiative, an open standards-based architecture for the software-defined vehicles of the future.

T is for Total Solutions for IoT, with Arm announcing an expansion of the solutions in April 2022. This included the new Arm Cortex-M85 CPU for enhanced machine learning (ML) and security capabilities.

Major updates announced to Arm’s Total Solutions for IoT

U is for Understanding Arm technologies, tools and software, with a library of resources and guides for developers and engineers on Arm’s new look website.

V is for Project Volterra, Microsoft’s first ever Windows 11 on Arm developer kit, which was announced at Build 22 in May 2022 and then officially launched as “Windows Dev Kit 2023” in October 2022. This is seen as a step-change for the WoA ecosystem and its continuous momentum (as described in this article), as it gives developers everything they need to build Windows applications for Arm, on Arm.

Microsoft announces the availability of Windows Dev Kit 2023

W is for the Works on Arm, which now has all leading cloud providers – AWS, Equinix, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Tencent – making free Arm-based compute instances available to software developers.

X is for Cortex-X, with the third generation Cortex-X3 being launched as part of TCS22 in June 2022. Cortex-X is now a common feature of CPU configurations for leading chipsets targeted at flagship and premium Android smartphones. Like Immortalis, Cortex-X3 has been adopted by MediaTek’s flagship chipset, the Dimensity 9200.

Y is for YouTube, with the Arm YouTube channel hosting all of Arm’s videos from the past year. This includes the latest Arm brand video (see below) highlighting a future built on Arm.

The Future is Built on Arm

Z is for Net-Zero carbon, with Arm continuing this 2030 commitment through an updated report.

2022 is the year where Arm made the profound commitment to change the world again through our range of current and future technologies. These provide the computing foundation for every single market in the tech industry. With support from the world’s leading compute ecosystem, we believe that the future will be built on Arm. This was proven by what we achieved in 2022 and will continue in 2023!

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