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Arm Consumer Tech Report: The Next Evolution of Consumer Devices

Read the new Arm Consumer Tech report that explores industry attitudes and predictions across a variety of topics, areas, devices and experiences in the consumer tech space.
By Arm Editorial Team

The last decade in technology has been defined by continuous innovation in the consumer tech space. This has led to profound changes in how we, the consumer, interact and experience technology.

As the world’s computing foundation, Arm is the driving force behind consumer computing experiences. From this leadership position, Arm wanted to understand the current landscape of consumer technology in more detail – where the market is heading, opportunities across different consumer devices (current and emerging), the key technological challenges and where future demand might lie.

Therefore, we commissioned a survey targeted at those who work for companies involved in the consumer tech space. The survey covered a variety of topics and areas, including:

  • The overall market outlook
  • Compute architecture and the SoC
  • Smartphones
  • Mobile gaming
  • Laptop and desktop PCs
  • XR (augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality)
  • AI
  • The smart home, including DTVs
  • The developer experience
  • Software
  • Security
  • The metaverse.

Read the Arm Consumer Tech report now

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The results of this survey are discussed in the report above. It reveals that we are on the cusp of another evolution in how consumers use and experience technology. From new XR and immersive experiences and the growing role of AI through to a shift towards new laptop architectures and further software innovation, Arm is set to play a leading role in the next consumer tech evolution and are perfectly poised to change the world. Again.

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