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10 Reasons to Register for Arm DevSummit 2022

Read the article to learn more about Arm DevSummit 2022 - what's happening, what's new and why software developers need to register for the virtual event.
By Arm Editorial Team

With more than 230 billion Arm-based chips shipped (and counting), there’s no question that the world’s software runs on Arm. So, whether you’re a developer or anyone with an interest in the future of computing, you do not want to miss out on the wide range of workshops, masterclasses and talks. Here are ten reasons to join us at this year’s virtual event, which takes place on 26th October.

1. Fully virtual to maximize collaboration

Through being a fully virtual event, all software developers – no matter where they’re located in the world – will be able to play a part in Arm DevSummit. The opportunity to collaborate with as many people as possible from the global developer community will help to power yet more innovation in the industry. Arm DevSummit is the event where software developers, the future builders, will be given the insights and edge to do the best work.

2. Six tracks that will help developers define the future of computing

Arm DevSummit is focused on six key tracks:

These tracks represent key trends and areas that are of most of interest to Arm’s software developer community. Any workshop, masterclass or on-demand session at the event will fall into at least one of these tracks, with all these sessions providing opportunities for software developers to learn, network and collaborate across the Arm software developer community.

3. Practical steps to utilize Arm-based clouds

Arm is now present and powering all major public clouds – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Alibaba, Tencent and ByteDance. There will be a workshop at Arm DevSummit that focuses on how to effectively utilize one of these clouds – AWS. Darragh Grealish, CTO at 56K.Cloud, will walk developers through the steps involved in enabling Parsec APIs to simplify security at the Edge via AWS Greengrass, an open-source edge runtime and cloud service that helps software developers build, deploy, and manage intelligent device software. Everything covered in the workshop will be practical steps that software developers can then take forward and transport across all devices because Parsec supports many different roots of trust.

There will also be a variety of sessions all about how to debug and deploy on Arm-based technologies used in computing infrastructure from resident Arm experts and core silicon partners, such as Ampere.

4. Enabling the software-define vehicle for autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is starting to become more of a reality – our partnership with Cruise shows that autonomous vehicles could soon take off in a very big way. However, this brings significant code complexity challenges for automotive developers.

We are making great strides trying to address this by working with leading industry partners on SOAFEE, a standardized framework and set of standards for automotive applications in software-defined vehicles (SDVs). This makes it easier for automotive developers to create applications, saving them time and costs. Among several talks all about SDVs, Arm’s Kasper Ornstein Mecklenburg, along with a host of partners, will take developers through SOAFEE-based SDV development for autonomous driving.

Driverless autopilot, autonomous vehicle

5. IoT development in the cloud

Arm’s strong presence across all major public clouds provides excellent foundations for the transformation of cloud-based embedded and IoT software development, particularly for the vast network of developers that are targeting IoT connected devices. In one of the Arm DevSummit workshops, Christopher Seidl, Director, Embedded Product Management, at Arm, will be joined by Paul Butler from AWS to explain how to accelerate the development of cloud applications for AWS IoT connected devices.

6. Ray tracing: the next evolution in mobile gaming

This year Arm launched Immortalis-G715, our brand-new flagship GPU and the first Arm GPU to offer hardware-based ray tracing support on mobile. While Immortalis-G715 won’t ship in silicon until 2023, it is still an excellent time for developers to start thinking about how to implement ray tracing techniques in their games for highly visual, more realistic experiences. Jose Emilio Munoz Lopez, a Staff Software Engineer at Arm, will take developers through how to deliver truly immersive gaming experience on Arm GPUs using ray tracing. Jose Emilio will also go beyond Immortalis-G715 and explore the range of supporting optimization graphics tools and technologies that will make ray tracing on mobile a reality.

Launching Arm Immortalis-G715

7. Accelerating Windows on Arm development

It’s now easier than ever before to begin developing for Windows on Arm! At Build 2022, Microsoft announced “Project Volterra”, its first Windows 11 on Arm developer kit, alongside a new comprehensive Arm-native developer toolchain. More recently, Microsoft announced the general availability of ARM64EC, which allows developers to build applications with a combination of x64 and ARM code.

Windows developers told Arm and Microsoft that they are enthused about the potential of Windows on Arm and want to start developing for these devices as long as they have access to the relevant tools and hardware. Marcus Perryman from Microsoft returns to Arm DevSummit to update Windows developers with the latest insights on how to create and debug Windows on Arm applications.

8. Secure software development

As with previous Arm DevSummit events, security remains front-of-mind for the developer community. Arm and its partners will be teaching software developers how to implement key security features through several workshop and masterclass talks. For example, Serban Constantinescu from Google will talk about the Android Virtualization Framework and Vejas Belzinskas from Rockwell Automation will explain to IoT developers how they can configure TrustZone into Cortex-M33 applications.

Developers coding

9. Unleash the power of machine learning

Machine learning (ML) remains a key theme for Arm DevSummit. We are intent on enabling our partners to deliver and deploy the most competitive solutions for their specific ML market. Resident Arm ML expert Gian Marco Iodice will outline how developers can unleash the power of ML on Arm, from Cloud to Edge. Arm partners in the IoT and infrastructure spaces are also getting involved, with a joint masterclass from Cosmonic’s Steve Schoettler and BMW Group’s Christoph Brewing on how to implement the dynamic routing of ML workloads with CNCF wasmCloud for simple, secure, and distributed application development.

10. Two amazing days of knowledge and insights

The world’s software runs on Arm and the diversity of computing devices running the Arm architecture is unmatched by any other computing architecture. Because of this, Arm DevSummit is unlike any other developer event. So, whether software developers are working in IoT, cloud computing, gaming, mobile or automotive, Arm DevSummit will provide an avalanche of insights and knowledge to build your future on Arm! If software developers want to be part of the developer ecosystem that is helping to define the future of computing, then Arm DevSummit is a virtual event that cannot be missed!

We believe that together, we’ll power every technology revolution moving forward, from IoT, cloud computing, and automotive, to gaming, mobile and more. We invite software developers to join us virtually at Arm DevSummit, so together we can change the world. Again.

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