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Arm Expanding Global Engineering Teams With Two New Primary sites

Bristol and Oslo office openings provide engineering opportunities across the broad spectrum of Arm’s processor IP.
By Gary Campbell, EVP, Central Engineering, Arm

Engineering is at the heart of everything Arm does as a company. From our IP and architecture designs right through to new technology and AI-based solutions where we are mapping the future of computing, our engineering teams cover a diverse range of processor technologies that are used by 70 percent of the world’s population.

To ensure that Arm remains the leading provider of processor IP, we are committed to expanding our engineering teams globally. Arm employs around 6,000 people worldwide, with 13 primary engineering sites including two new additions – Bristol in the UK and Oslo, the capital of Norway. The opening of the Bristol and Oslo offices signal Arm’s commitment to attracting the world’s very best engineers, with both locations brimming with engineering talent.

Welcome to Bristol

Bristol, the largest city in the South West of England, is frequently selected as one of the best places to live in the UK. It is also an area consisting of many engineers with the right skillsets to expand Arm’s engineering teams. The University of Bristol, one of the leading universities in the UK, is known for its hardware design and verification-related courses. In fact, Arm has a close relationship with Simon McIntosh-Smith, Professor in High Performance Computing at the University, who we worked with developing the Arm-based Isambard supercomputer, which is being used by researchers, forecasters and development companies to analyze real-world scientific data.

Through Arm’s existing primary UK sites in Cambridge, Manchester and Sheffield, we have already had significant success attracting graduate Bristol engineers to work for Arm. However, the new Bristol office will help recruit those who wish to remain in the city.

A broad range of Bristol-based engineering roles

The engineering work and recruitment opportunities in Bristol span all experience levels and cover Arm’s Cortex-A CPUs, System IP, Central Technology and Solutions Engineering.

Arm’s Cortex-A CPUs remain at the heart of our CPU designs, with the engineering expansion in Bristol partially intended to satisfy our partners’ high demand for this IP. Engineers based in our Bristol office will work with Arm’s HQ in Cambridge on the Cortex-A CPUs targeting the infrastructure, automotive and consumer technology markets.

Arm’s System IP enables our partners to build best-in-class compute systems, such as those that are integrated into our Total Compute Solutions for consumer tech markets. The System IP engineers based in Bristol will be working on the delivery of Arm’s interconnect and SMMU technologies to automotive, consumer tech, infrastructure and IoT markets. This will also involve the development of Arm’s functional safety features that are vital components of automotive and IoT applications.

Arm’s Central Technology Solutions team identifies and develops a pipeline of innovative product technology. The team is at the cutting edge of Arm’s future IP designs, with Central Technology engineers influencing the next generation of computing on Arm-based devices. Recruits to the Bristol office in this team will focus on analyzing the performance and power of these new technologies, from early concept to deployment in silicon.

Finally, Arm’s new Solutions Engineering team is focused on developing and accelerating our technology in line with market needs, creating best-in-class solutions built on Arm. This work includes delivering complete subsystem solutions for our partners, and working on test chips that are designed to explore optimal implementations of Arm IP. The Bristol office job openings in this team will focus on developing subsystems and testchip silicon based on Arm’s Total Compute Solutions to demonstrate their PPA benefits, and requires engineers with a deep understanding of system and physical design challenges.

If you’re an engineer and interested in joining the Bristol office, we will be hosting a virtual discovery day on 22nd May which you can join through this link.

Velkommen til Oslo

Like Bristol, Oslo is a major engineering and technology hub. Arm has had a presence in Norway since the 2006 acquisition of Falanx Microsystems, with this leading to continuous growth for the company in Norway. Our Trondheim office now has over 200 employees, but there is a need to continue expanding our presence in the region. Through the opening of the Oslo site, we are looking to establish a fully-fledged research and development center, with the engineering teams focused on graphics technologies that will power the future of visual computing, such as new, more immersive AAA gaming and real-time 3D experiences.

Alongside more experienced hires, the Oslo site is also looking to attract graduate engineers. Over a third of graduates from the leading Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) move to the south of Norway after completing their degrees, with the Oslo office providing an option for people that do not wish to stay in Trondheim.

Expanding Arm’s GPU engineering team

Similar to our established Trondheim site, the long-term aim is to have the Oslo office become a GPU engineering hub for Arm across both product engineering, hardware and software. The intention is to recruit graphics processor specialists from the large engineering community in Oslo. Since we acquired Falanx over 15 years ago, Arm’s GPUs have been a true success story, with over 9 billion shipped to date. These GPUs include the brand-new flagship Arm Immortalis GPU, which has already been adopted in some of the highest performing smartphones on the market today.

For the Oslo product engineering roles, we are largely recruiting Test and Automation and Performance Analysis Engineers. Test and Automation Engineers will develop automation to test new use cases and workloads across Arm’s leading GPUs, while the Performance Analysis Engineers will help Arm gain an end-to-end understanding of graphics content and how it executes on our GPUs. This will provide a detailed understanding of what’s required for our current and future GPU designs, so we can continue to deliver world-class graphics performance and efficiency.

For the software roles in Oslo, these will largely focus on Graphics APIs, such as Vulkan and GLES, and developing new features to support the creation of new hardware. The roles will be customer-facing, with new recruits working closely with Arm’s partners to understand their requirements and then feeding these into Arm’s GPU roadmap.

Meanwhile, on the hardware side, the Oslo office is looking to attract design and verification engineers who will be focused on core competence development in different parts of the GPU hardware IP.  This is part of Arm’s wider plans to grow our physical design team where we will be trialing the implementation of our IP for leading process nodes.

A commitment to engineering growth

The openings of the Bristol and Oslo offices represent a critical part of Arm’s plans to expand our engineering sites worldwide. Within these sites, we are recruiting engineers across a range of experience levels who will work on a broad spectrum of Arm’s technologies that are redefining the world’s computing landscape.

If you want to be a part of Arm’s engineering teams in Bristol or Oslo, then please visit the Arm Careers page for the latest job openings. There has never been a more exciting time to work for Arm, with our engineering teams representing the technical minds that are building the future of computing on Arm.

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