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Full-spectrum Image Technology Provider Triumphs at Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest 2024

Winner Agate Sensors aims to make spectral data available and accessible across a variety of technology markets.
By Arm Editorial Team

At Arm, we recognize that the future of technology is shaped by bold ideas and passionate innovators. The expanded Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest for 2024 from Arm and Silicon Catalyst allows us to spark fresh innovation among early-stage silicon startups who use Arm’s processor IP designs to build the next generation of system-on-chip (SoC) solutions.

Agate Sensors wins the Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest 2024

Based on comprehensive reviews and detailed deliberation among the judges, we are excited to announce that Agate Sensors is the winner of the Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest for 2024 and will be awarded up to $250,000 of Arm technology credit.

Agate Sensors develops technology to capture and use full-spectrum images, providing insights and information beyond what is visible to the human eye. Founded in 2024 with a mission to transform digital imaging, Agate Sensors, which is based in Finland, aims to make spectral data available and accessible to everyone.

Mikael Westerlund, CEO, Entrepreneur and Business Development Executive, for Agate Sensors stated, “The inspiration for Agate Sensors stems from a desire to make spectral imaging technology accessible to all by miniaturizing what was once a suitcase-sized lab equipment into tiny pixel-sized technology. It’s amazing to think that this technology has been a decade in the making. The outcome of our efforts is not just in capturing better quality data, but in the better decisions and advancements the technology enables.”

The technology is already having a far-reaching impact, with Agate Sensors’ work in advancing spectral data applications paving the way for new possibilities for leading edge Arm-based technologies across various sectors, including consumer technology, industrial IoT and automotive.

Our technology offers benefits when deployed in a number of key markets, from smart wearables that offer granular health monitoring, drones that help improve agricultural efficiency, and even in autonomous vehicles where safety is paramount,” Mikael added. “Through making the technology simpler, we are providing far more capabilities for everyone!”

SmartKosh Technologies is the runner–up

The runner-up of Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest is SmartKosh Technologies, which will be rewarded with up to $150,000 of Arm technology credit. Based in India, the company provides semiconductor solutions for battery-based green energy storage.  

SmartKosh Technologies is dedicated to innovating safe, reliable, and cost-effective battery management solutions and system architectures, empowering efficient management and optimization of battery energy resources. The company works to foster a shift towards clean and affordable energy by means of improved reliability and quality of service.

Dr. Rashi Dutt, Founder of SmartKosh Technologies, said, “Sustainability forms the bedrock of our innovation that aims to enhance the scalability and flexibility of energy infrastructure. Our AI-powered SoC solution is capable of managing established as well as emerging advanced chemistry cells and caters to a wide range of applications ranging from electrified transportation to space missions and large-scale power projects. It reduces the size, complexity, cost, and energy consumption of AI drastically by utilizing efficient and innovative SoC architectures and system design.”

The 2024 Flexible Access for Startups Contest winner and the runner-up will receive comprehensive technical feedback through an Arm Design Review that will further help enhance their products. Investment recommendations through a pitch review will also be hosted by the Silicon Catalyst Angel Investment Group.  

How Arm Flexible Access for Startups lays the foundation for startup innovation

The Arm Flexible Access for Startups Contest provides a global stage for silicon startups to showcase their groundbreaking solutions in the evolving computing landscape. The entries have shown that silicon startup innovations, like Agate Sensors’ image technologies and the battery management solutions from SmartKosh Technologies, are playing a pivotal role in delivering highly beneficial state-of-the-art technologies across a variety of sectors.

The Arm Flexible Access for Startups program provides budding innovators with zero cost access to Arm’s proven IP and tools, serving as a launchpad for the companies and technologies of tomorrow. Since its inception in 2019, the program has empowered hundreds of startups to innovate, experiment, and design with confidence.

Mikael says: “The support from Arm Flexible Access for Startups has been instrumental in our journey. It provided us with the resources to compete at the highest level and fostered an environment where innovation could thrive. We are grateful for this opportunity and excited about the future possibilities this unlocks for Agate Sensors and the world of technology.”

If you’re a silicon startup in its early stages, consider how Arm Flexible Access for Startups can help you make your mark on the world with Arm-based SoC solutions.

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