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Reflecting on the Arm IPO

As a public company, Arm will continue its mission to build the future of computing.
By Arm Editorial Team

On Thursday 14th September at 9.30am Eastern Time  (ET), Arm CEO Rene Haas rung the bell at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York City, representing a brand-new era for Arm as a public company.

As Haas says “an IPO is just a moment in time”, with Arm continuing to work towards the mission of building the future of computing. For Arm, the fun is only just beginning.

This is not the first time Arm went for an initial public offering (IPO), first listing on the London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ IN 1998. However, last week’s IPO was yet another truly significant milestone, not just for the company but for the wider technology industry due to Arm’s role as the most pervasive computing platform on the planet.

What led Arm to this moment was truly remarkable. From an old turkey barn in Cambridgeshire, UK, 33 years ago to a company whose technology is shipped in more than 250 billion chips worldwide, touching 70 percent of the global population.

6,000 employees worldwide across 43 offices in 21 countries tuned in to see the bell-ringing ceremony, with celebrations following. Arm as a company has always been about its people and they have made this moment possible.

From Arm’s Cambridge HQ, Paul Williamson, SVP and GM of the IoT Line of Business, and Kirsty Gill, Chief People Officer, said hello to Arm’s people from across the world via a live satellite link. These covered the many different Arm offices across North America, Europe and Asia.

Arm office celebrations worldwide

The live satellite link then went to the NASDAQ MarketSite where Haas and Arm colleagues, including a dozen people from across the company who were randomly selected to celebrate the public listing in New York City, continued the festivities throughout the morning. These included the first trade of Arm stock and an opportunity to sample the culinary delights of a pop-up pub called the ‘Builton Arms’ complete with fish and chips and Victoria sponge to honor Arm’s British heritage.

And it wasn’t just the NASDAQ office that was Arm-powered for the day, with an Arm takeover of Times Square complete with massive billboard advertisements signaling our commitment to build the future of computing for everyone, everywhere.

The Arm billboard at Times Square

All of these celebrations were in recognition of the outstanding engineering talent and wider support staff who create and deliver the Arm technologies that have transformed, and continue to transform, the technology landscape. From the initial success in the mobile market – which continues today with 99 percent of the world’s smartphones powered by Arm – to increasing diversification across new markets, Arm and its people have never stood still, with a relentless pursuit of technology innovation.

In IoT, Arm powers everything from the smallest sensor to high-performance industrial applications. In computing infrastructure, every major hyperscaler now adopts Arm technology. And in automotive, the demand for safe, power efficient compute is driving Arm’s footprint in vehicles and future software-defined vehicles. This is all being delivered by Arm’s transition from general purpose compute to purpose-built compute that focuses on the needs of these markets.

These exceptional technologies are underpinned by the Arm ecosystem, which offers the broadest level of software support on the planet. This is crucial for the billions of technology users worldwide. Thanks to the Arm ecosystem and engineering investments, millions of applications that we use everyday on our smartphones “just work”.

And it’s not just mobile. The robust IoT software ecosystem supports the many different interconnected systems. The automotive industry is accelerating towards software-defined vehicles, with advanced software support that delivers new features and security and safety updates straight into the car. And across computing infrastructure, a broad range of cloud-native applications ensure compatibility with various solutions, from power-efficient networks to high-performance data centers.

This connection between the Arm technologies for the hardware and the software ecosystem is the real strength of Arm and something that is unmatched by any other company in the world.

Arm is Building the Future of Computing video

Looking ahead, Arm will continue to enable AI everywhere, from small sensors and devices we hold in our hands to high-performance, compute intensive AI in data centers and supercomputers. Arm’s heritage in pushing the boundaries of power efficiency will allow future AI workloads to take place on ‘the edge’ – the actual devices. This will create quicker, more secure experiences for the end-user.

From the acceleration of AI to increasing demands for performance and power efficiency to the rise of software, Arm has a significant role to play. We sit across many different technology transformations and are confident that the future will be built on Arm.

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