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Announcing the Arm Software Ecosystem Dashboard
By Bhumik Patel, Director, Server Ecosystem Development, Arm

To provide developers with a single repository of open-source projects and ISVs that support Arm 64-bit architecture, we are excited to launch the Software Ecosystem Dashboard. This initial list contains over 150+ software entries across multiple software categories to provide guidance on software version supported and documentation to get started to natively build on Arm.

The Software Ecosystem Dashboard is built with an open and collaborative model to allow for external contributions from the ecosystem. All the data is hosted on a public GitHub repository with maintenance provided by Arm. This set of contribution guidelines provides step by step instructions on making pull requests           

The launch of this dashboard is another great milestone in Arm’s software journey. The Arm ecosystem continues to grow, and we are grateful for Arm partners and open-source communities in trusting us to build on Arm. But what makes Arm compelling for these developers and ISVs to build their software on Arm? Let’s dig in.

The Arm Neoverse Advantage

Cloud-native software developers are increasingly embracing Arm Neoverse powered Cloud infrastructure to build and run their applications with greater performance, efficiency, cost savings and sustainability. Arm Neoverse based platforms are available at all major cloud providers such as Alibaba Cloud, AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Customers are achieving better performance and cost efficiencies across a wide range of cloud workloads deployed on Arm: 

Customers are also achieving better energy efficiencies provided by the Arm architecture with measurable benefits such as highlighted here:

All of this is possible by having the toolchain support available across the software stack and robust ecosystem with both open source and ISV enablement. Arm software ecosystem has native support across all major Linux OS distributions, languages and libraries, containers and CI/CD, AI/ML frameworks and a broad range of cloud software and workloads. 

Each ISV within our software ecosystem delivers unique value proposition for their customers to build their use cases on Arm.  

Highlighting a few success stories from our recent partner engagements:

  • Running Mission-Critical Business Applications: SAP achieves up to 30% better compute performance for SAP HANA Cloud on Arm based AWS Graviton compared to equivalent x86 based processors, while experiencing up to 60% less energy consumption.
  • Scalable & Secure Security Solutions: With Fortinet’s Fortigate VM Next-generation firewalls running on Arm platforms, customers can achieve advanced thread protection without any compromise in performance at scale.  
  • On-CPU Inferencing: For customers looking to run their AI inferencing use cases on CPUs, Modular AI achieves up to 5X higher performance and up to 80% cost savings with Arm. 

For cloud native projects within the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), over 80% of Graduated and Incubating projects natively build on Arm and incorporate multi-architecture build practices. These projects are widely deployed by customers as foundation for their born in the cloud applications. We are actively engaged with the CNCF communities in enabling multi-architecture best practices as highlighted here

Learning Paths for Developers

Incorporating a multi-architecture build environment invariably has meant adding software development best practices across the software stack. To provide developers with technical guidance on how to develop on Arm, we have released over 75 learning paths covering cloud software projects. These learning paths are created by Arm experts within our software engineering teams and from our partner ecosystem and community. 

We encourage contributions towards both the software ecosystem dashboard and learning paths and value direct feedback on these efforts that help us strengthen the Arm software ecosystem. You can also connect with us through our developer program and reach out to us via email directly. 

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