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Beyond the Arm Newsroom: April Round-up

New Arm tools, Arm-based server benefits and Embedded World 2024 Tech Talks.
By Arm Editorial Team

Your editors at the Arm Newsroom Blog are ever-vigilant in the search for the latest and most fascinating technology trends and stories at any moment. While the Newsroom Blog’s mission is to deliver analysis and thought leadership that gives readers a view of what’s “just around the bend,” we’re adding a feature pointing readers to great technology stories in other channels of the Arm universe.

Here’s a curated list of what caught our eye recently.

Arm Community

Say hello to the latest Arm tools

LLVM18 is here! In a two part Arm Community blog (part 1 and part 2), Volodymyr Turanskyy, a Principal Software Engineer at Arm, and colleagues explain what’s new in LLVM 18. The blogs summarize the latest improvements, including new Arm architecture and CPU support, as well as code generation, performance and tools improvements made by Arm.

Chris Goodyer, Director Technology Management in Arm’s Software team, provides details about the latest version of the Arm Compiler for Linux and Arm Performance Libraries in this Arm Community blog. These include updating the base compiler technology to LLVM 18 for performance and stability improvements.

And, Christopher Seidl, Director, Product Management for Embedded in Arm’s IoT Line of Business, announces the release of MDK v6 in this Arm Community blog. MDK v6 addressed new software challenges as IoT endpoint devices get smarter with more complex workloads, like AI and ML models.

Optimizing programs on Arm with compilers

Tamar Christina, a Principal Software Engineer at Arm, provides a variety of techniques and tips that can be used to create better performing programs through compilers. This covers a broad spectrum of technology applications including mobile, PC desktop and servers.

Python on Arm

Diego Russo, a Principal Software Engineer at Arm, provides a detailed overview of the status of Python across Arm platforms and the wider ecosystem. From speeding performance to Window on Arm and AI and ML support, there have been plenty of exciting Python-based developments in the past several years.

Arm-based server performance

Tim Thornton, Director for Arm on Arm, compares the runtime performance and cost of using the Defacto SoC compiler on Arm and x86-based Amazon EC2 instances in this Arm Community blog. The Defacto SoC Compiler is a leading tool for SoC integration, which allows users to bring together various IP blocks, such as CPU cores and interconnect system IP, and then create the RTL needed to stich all these components together.

Reducing the costs of genetic research with Arm

In this Arm Community blog, David Lecomber, Segment Marketing Director for HPC, Infrastructure, describes how Gencove, a leader in the field of genomic data generation, analysis, and management, reduced the cost of its large-scale genetic research through adopting the Arm-based Sentieon and AWS Graviton.

Arm TechTalks

Arm’s Tobias McBride, Partner Ecosystem Manager, always seems to be everywhere at once, whether he’s at Mobile World Congress or Embedded World covering all the cool innovations coming from Arm partners via the Arm Tech Talks program. At Embedded World 2024, Tobias was busy once again, speaking with leading Arm partners from across automotive and IoT markets.

Just some of the highlights included:

  • Eben Upton, Raspberry Pi’s CEO, on the rise of AI and industrial IoT.
  • Cadence on AI, chiplets and virtual prototyping through new virtual platforms.
  • Infineon on all things related to AI.
  • NXP on all things automotive.
  • Leddartech on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in the modern software-defined vehicle.
  • Sensory, Siemens and Tata Technologies on the benefits of virtual prototyping.
  • Ambiq talking about edge AI and Arm’s Helium vector extensions.

Arm Developers Weekly Dose

Arm developer evangelist Gabriel Peterson chimes in from Arm Developer’s Weekly Dose show with a range of updates, including the launch of OpenCV for Android distribution, the latest Raspberry Pi innovations, and the adoption of Sentieon and AWS Graviton by Gencove for its genetic research.

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