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Change Drives Innovation

New executive assignments at Arm will bring fresh perspectives, renewed focus and growth opportunities
By Rene Haas, CEO, Arm

If there is one thing that is the ultimate constant in our industry, it’s that adaptation and change are table stakes. Personally, I’m a big believer in the benefits of change – change can drive new ideas, challenge the status quo and lead to interesting new ways of working. For a business like ours, operating at the leading edge of an ever-evolving market and with a vast ecosystem trusting us to deliver the foundational computing technology the world needs, change is critical to our success. We must remain agile and continue to evolve, which to me means being bolder, being faster and increasing our pace of innovation. This evolution requires diversity of thoughts, opinions, skills and people. 

To that end, we have made some updates regarding how our Lines of Business (LoB) are organized. Firstly, we have made great progress in both the Automotive and IoT markets, which until now we held under one group. The timing is right to separate these two units as they are both now large independent businesses, and so moving forward we’ll have four separate lines of business: Automotive, Client (consumer technology), Infrastructure and IoT. 

To support this opportunity, the line of business leadership team has rotated into new roles:

  • Dipti Vachani will continue to lead our growth in the automotive market as Senior Vice President (SVP) and General Manager (GM) of the Automotive LoB. Over the past three years Dipti has spearheaded the impressive progress we’ve made in both Automotive and IoT and will now focus on automotive success with renewed intensity as IoT separates into its own unit.
  • Paul Williamson will move from heading up our Client business to running the IoT business as SVP and GM of the IoT LoB. Before leading the Client team, Paul ran security, IoT and wireless groups at Arm and has been involved in connected devices since the early days of Bluetooth, developing innovative products for consumer, medical and industrial markets.  
  • Chris Bergey, who formerly led our Infrastructure group during a critical phase of Neoverse adoption, will become SVP and GM of the Client LoB. Chris brings previous experience from a long-standing role in the mobile and wireless sector at Broadcom to this new position. 
  • Mohamed Awad, who played a key role running the IoT business prior to this, will join the Arm Executive Committee and lead the Infrastructure team as SVP and GM of the Infrastructure LoB. Prior to his focus on IoT, Mohamed was part of the leadership team within the infrastructure group, driving critical momentum for Arm’s Neoverse product family. 

Five years ago, we made the shift to organize around market segments, and the remarkable growth across each of these lines of business is a testament to that strategy. We remain focused on delivering growth in these markets. By rotating this incredibly strong leadership team into new positions, we’re making room to allow for fresh perspectives, renewed focus and growth opportunities, and setting Arm up for further success at this critical point of the company’s growth trajectory. I look forward to seeing each of them succeed in their new roles as we continue to define the future of computing, built on Arm.

You can read more about the Arm leadership team here

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