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Watch Simon Segars’s and Jensen Huang’s Fireside Chat at Arm DevSummit

Watch Arm CEO Simon Segars and NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang in their first public discussion since NVIDIA announced its agreement to acquire Arm
By Arm Editorial Team

What does AI look like in a combined Arm-NVIDIA world? Why is the synergy of hardware and software so important? And how might architectural innovation be affected by the slowing down of Moore’s Law?

Arm CEO Simon Segars joins Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA to answer these big questions and many more at Arm DevSummit 2020.

Hosted by Arm’s President of IP Products Rene Haas, this ‘fireside chat’ marks the first public discussion between the two CEOs since NVIDIA announced its agreement to acquire Arm from SoftBank.

Unleashing The World’s Technology Potential

Enjoyed the video? Read Simon Segars’s blog on the Power, Performance and Pervasiveness of Arm technology.

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