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Your Own Expert AI, On Demand

From robo-lawyers to AI programmers, futurist Matthew Griffin explores how AI and automation may one day let us access almost every kind of expertise and skill
By Matthew Griffin, Fanatical Futurist and Founder, 311 Institute and World Futures Forum
Robot Hands Playing Piano

Weighing in at 3 pounds and containing over 100 billion neurons, the human brain is the most sophisticated structure in the known universe. Since the dawn of time, we’ve been using the creativity, imagination, and ingenuity it’s imbued us all with to transform not only ourselves, but our civilization, the planet we call home, and soon the solar system.

So far though the technologies that have helped us overcome insurmountable odds and achieve the impossible have been little more than passive prosthetics—wheels and mechanical aids. But increasingly, technology is becoming our partner and propelling us into an era where it will help us accomplish even greater things and, irrespective of our ability or background, help us unleash our potential in ways that would have been unimaginable even just a few years ago.

In short, we are getting closer to the point in time in which our abilities—to create, to design, to innovate and to produce anything—will finally match our imaginations.

Today our world is made up of “T-Shaped” people and “Jacks of all trades”: a veritable soup of talent and potential. But, despite our incredible human brains and our “limitless human potential to do limitless things,” we all have our limits.

Limits on what we can accomplish, limits on what we can learn, and limits on what we can overcome – whether it’s because we are limited by time, or just “limited” by our everyday circumstances such as our access to education, mentorship, and opportunity.

Technology though has always been great at helping us overcome limits. Limits of communication, distance, or lifespan, and as different technologies emerge some of them are starting to help us overcome many of the very limits that limit us from doing “limitless things.” Let’s dive into the wormhole.

Robo-lawyers, AI programmers and autonomous creative machines

Today we live in an age where technology is more powerful and ubiquitous than ever before, and it’s democratizing access to many new things. Take Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation: two technologies that will soon let us access almost every kind of expertise and skill on-demand via nothing more than our voices in much the same way that today the second brain in the palm of our hands has democratized access to all the worlds information.

Need legal advice or a new contract drawn up? Use your smart device’s built-in Robo-Lawyer. Need content or a new product design for your business? Just ask an autonomous Creative Machine and it’ll design them for you. Need to develop a software program? Just ask an AI Machine-Programmer to build you one using nothing more than your voice. No expertise or prior experience required. Soon the machines will be able to do all this heavy lifting so you can get on with whatever’s next.

Now think of the global implications of having this kind of on-demand access not just to these skills but to every kind of “expertise” and skill. Soon all you’ll need to be an entrepreneur—to design, manufacture, launch, and sell your products globally, irrespective of your background, education, or skill set—will be an internet connection, a smart device, and an AI assistant, perhaps in the form of a digital human or an avatar, that seamlessly connects you and your imagination to all these “autonomous” skills using your voice.

Now imagine being able to ask your avatar, an AI with a shallow neural network ‘brain’ that’s so life-like that it looks, behaves and responds just like a real person and which is in turn connected to other AIs that all have their own individual expertise and skills, for a list of all the things people are complaining about on social media: the “problems to solve.”

Empowered by blazing fast compute and supported by the 5G-connected cloud, it analyses billions of conversations in real-time and within seconds tells you everyone’s grumbling about the battery life of their smartphones.

Leveraging AI and big data

Now you’ve found your problem to solve you ask that same avatar to design a solution. Leveraging AI and big data it starts modeling and testing a new battery pack in virtual simulation right there in front of you on your device, running through millions of different design parameters in minutes until it designs one that meets all your criteria. And if this sounds like fantasy, well Toyota just used this same technique to create their next-generation EV batteries 80% faster than it would have taken them using traditional methods.

Designed, the new product needs to be safety approved, named, protected and marketed. Your AI connects to the US Patent Office and automatically registers the patents, then connects to the regulators blockchain which approves it.

It then connects to a Virtual Influencer, another form of Digital Human that unlike today’s influencers can be anyone or anything talking to anyone about anything at global scale in real-time. Accessing more big data sets the virtual influencer evaluates target customer groups and tailors its appearance, characteristics, and narratives accordingly, then its robo co-worker, a Synthetic Content generator starts producing the synthetic videos and content needed to promote and sell your new battery to the masses.

Now orders are coming in, but you’ve got no inventory. No problem. Your avatar sends the battery pack design to a 3D printer at a local makers hub to be printed on-demand before autonomous fulfillment systems package and deliver them to your new customers.

All’s good but then all of a sudden you get a curveball. A potential licensing deal falls into your lap. Your avatar hooks into another AI, the Robo-Lawyer, that negotiates the terms on your behalf, draws up the contracts and executes them as a Smart Contract on the blockchain.

Job done, you retire and contemplate how life is better when you not only have access to all the world’s information, but also every conceivable type of expertise and skill on demand. Which then leaves you with only one question to ask: “What next?”

Better dial up your avatar again for Round 2. After all… like avatars, entrepreneurs never sleep.

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