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How We Grow Through COVID-19: Avye Couloute

In the first of a mini-series, one Gen Arm 2Z ambassador shares their lockdown experiences, how they are coping and what effects they think the global COVID-19 pandemic will have on the future.
By Avye Couloute, Gen Arm 2Z Ambassador and Founder, Girls Into Coding
Avye Couloute

If there is a bright side to COVID-19, it is that the pandemic has shown us all the ways in which technology already empowers us to be helpful and productive under extreme circumstances. For example, many of the barriers that have previously stopped people from working or learning from home have been broken down – in many cases people have just had to make it happen. So, in the future, I guess it will be more common.

The benefits of remote learning

One positive thing I have found useful through virtual learning is that I’m able to work at my own pace. If I didn’t understand something straight away, I have the reassurance in knowing I could spend as much time as I need to learn it. 

Virtual learning also allows me to communicate with friends and discuss topics in an informal way. When I’m able to physically socialize with my friends again, I will still use group video calls to link up with them. Surprisingly, this was something I had not considered before, but from what I have experienced so far, I’m enjoying it.

Better tech for better solutions

Avye Couloute

We’ve also seen how overwhelmed health services have been, so we’ll have to invest a lot more money and resources in the sector. Technology has played a large part in how some countries are dealing with the current challenges, particularly with testing and using data to help contain the spread of COVID-19. I think the use of apps and AI will play a larger role in the health service in the future.

To help out our courageous frontline workers in the face of PPE shortages, I’ve been 3D printing frames to help make face visors for local hospitals & health care providers. And I’m far from alone in this – there are so many individuals and companies trying to make a difference at the moment. Technology supplier Kitronik really caught my attention. They’ve dedicated their production time to creating PPE and equipping schools and maker spaces with materials, so they too can add to the available supply of visors.

Doing more with less

Avye Couloute

COVID-19 has also given me a greater appreciation for how to do more with less, and I’m trying to be as resourceful as I can and make good use of things I have around me at home. For example, I can’t just pop into a shop en route to somewhere and buy a snack – instead I’ve been experimenting with different combinations of foods & flavors to make smoothies. I’ve tried my hand at some art, making assemblages with old or unwanted objects found around the house. 

Following some recently received advice, I’ve taken the time to appreciate what I have, and am treating each day as a new opportunity; even if just an opportunity to catch up on Stranger Things, bake, and make new flavors of smoothies.

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