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Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day 2024 with Arm

On the 11th anniversary of INWED, Arm celebrated the incredible contributions of women engineers through a series of events in Kenya, Ghana, and Switzerland.
By Arm Editorial Team
Women in Engineering

We celebrated the 11th anniversary of International Women in Engineering Day (INWED), an opportunity to recognize the incredible contributions of women engineers and inspire more women to join the engineering world. We commemorated INWED24 with a series of Arm ambassador-led events in Kenya, Ghana, and Switzerland, reflecting our global commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in engineering.

More than a million women are in STEM occupations but makeup only 29 percent of the STEM workforce, according to the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). INWED, a globally recognized initiative, aims to bridge this gap by inspiring young women to pursue careers in engineering. This is being taken forward by women developers and engineers who are Arm Ambassadors in the global Arm Developer Program.

Every year INWED introduces a unique theme to highlight various facets of women’s impact in engineering and STEM fields. The theme this year, ‘Enhanced by Engineering’ underscores not only how women engineers have transformed people’s experiences and lives, but also their role in building a brighter future.

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Key Takeaways from INWED24 Events with Arm

The Arm Ambassador-led events were designed to elevate the profile of women in engineering. The agenda included tutorials, mentoring sessions, networking opportunities, technical support, and talks from industry experts.

The agenda was not just about acknowledging the achievements of women in engineering, but also about inspiring others through their stories of triumphs and challenges.

Networking among visitors and professionals was facilitated, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose, and serving as a platform for unity, support, and encouragement. The outcome of these events was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees gaining valuable insights and inspiration from the experiences shared.

Kenya Event

Arm Ambassador Brenda Mboya, who led the event in Kenya stated, “The local event in Kenya for INWED24 aimed to bring together Women Engineers and students to celebrate the achievement of women in Engineering and amplify Arm Developer Program initiatives. The future is built on Arm and I’m eager to leverage my experience and passion for Arm-based technologies to continue collaborating on innovative projects and contribute to a brighter technological future for Africa.”

The event in Kenya saw 80 attendees, 88 percent of whom were women. The event inspired female engineering students through panel discussions that explored the engineering career path and advances in AI and its impact on the African continent. Brenda added, “Seeing how happy the participants were at the end of the day after a month of planning is something I am proud of. Thank you, Arm for the opportunity.”

Ghana Event

Meanwhile, the event in Ghana saw 37 attendees, 81 percent of whom were women. A highlight of the event was the training session followed by a series of challenges designed to apply the newly acquired knowledge. Participants’ serious engagement with these challenges was noteworthy, as they took turns presenting their solutions to the group.

Derrick Edem Soso, who organized the event in Ghana, stated, “As an Arm Ambassador and ELC Mentor, I have had the privilege to work with student clubs and communities across Africa. INWED24 celebrates women engineers and encourages more women to join the field.”

My involvement with INWED24 aims to inspire future generations of women engineers and underscore the importance of gender diversity in STEM,” Derrick added. “Our workshop is designed to pique interest in STEM and emerging technologies like embedded systems among women students. We offer hands-on programming experience with Micro: bit to ignite their curiosity and passion for the field as well as shaping the future of engineering one student at a time.”

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Switzerland Event

Spearheading the Arm Ambassador-led event in Switzerland, Dominica Abena Oforiwaa Amanfo mentioned “My career excitement has fuelled my support for INWED24,” Dominica added. “I believe early support could have amplified my impact, and hence I’m committed to mentoring women engineers to help them reach their potential. As an Arm Ambassador, I organized an event ‘Empowerment Through Unity: Celebrating Women in Engineering’ to inspire and empower women in engineering through shared stories and opportunities.”

Switzerland’s event was attended by 25 individuals, who were thrilled with the networking opportunities and showed keen interest in joining the Developer Program, particularly the Developer Hub for its learning resources. The initiative was well-received, with delegates expressing excitement about Arm’s annual celebration of INWED and their eagerness to further engage with the Arm Developer Program.

At Arm, we are committed to continuously improving how we work, whether it’s within our teams, collaborating across regions, and engaging with colleagues and our partners. We strive to create a work environment where our collective global workforce can effectively share their unique perspectives, skills, and ideas so that we can build the future of computing on Arm.

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