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Premium Arm-based Chromebooks Delivering World-class Performance

Arm-based Chromebook devices are delivering world-class performance to redefine laptop computing.
By Rahoul Varma, Director, Large Screen Compute, Client Line of Business, Arm

Since 2020 the Chromebook market has seen substantial growth. ChromeOS is now the second most popular desktop operating system, with demand continuing to grow.

During this time, Chromebooks based on Arm technology have expanded from entry-level options for education and work, to new higher-performance, premium markets for productivity, creativity, and play. This expansion into new laptop categories, is a direct result of Arm working with its ecosystem to deliver the world-class compute performance that is disrupting and defining the future of computing in the global laptop market.

The Chromebook Kompanio-n

What’s driving this new trend towards premium Arm-based Chromebooks? Leading the charge is MediaTek’s new Kompanio 1380 (MT8195T) chipset. This is an octa-core SoC consisting of 4x Arm Cortex-A78 and 4x Cortex-A55 CPUs. Kompanio 1380 also integrates five Arm Mali-G57 GPU cores to create stunning visual experiences.

The beauty of the Kompanio 1380 is it provides the Chromebook benefits we all know and love, including multi-day battery life and Android application compatibility, while also delivering higher performance and advanced features to enhance the Chromebook computing experience. These features include improvements in video conferencing that enable a wider range of new camera configurations, 4K HDR video streaming, cloud gaming, and AI-powered voice and vision-based applications.

The Chromebook Kompanio experience

World-class performance for real-world user experiences

In addition to these new features and enhancements, most Android applications run natively on Arm-based Chromebooks. This delivers a big application performance boost, giving these Chromebooks the edge against competing x86-based Chromebooks. Check out the tables below for competitive comparisons between the Kompanio-based Acer Spin 513 and an x86-based Chromebook device.

DeviceChipsetFurther specsOperating SystemPrice
Acer Spin 513Kompanio 1380, 8 CPU cores8GB RAM, 128GB EmmcChrome 107.0.5304.110£429.99
Acer Chromebook 514Core i3-1115G4, 2 CPU cores8GB RAM, 128GB SSDChrome 107.0.5304.110£459.99
Details about both Chromebook devices

Android benchmarksAcer Spin 513 (Kompanio 1380)Acer Chromebook 514 (Core i3-1115G4)The Arm advantage
PCMark for Android – Work 3.0 performance1315712565+4.7 percent
PCMark for Android – Work 3.0 battery life test*12 hours 37 minutes with 36.5Wh battery capacity7 hr 28 min with 50.3Wh battery capacity+68.9% raw score, with normalising to battery capacity showing 2.3x advantage
Competitive comparisons between both Chromebook devices

* Both displays were set to similar resolutions and the same, low level of absolute brightness.

The Arm-based Chromebook powered by MediaTek performs better running Android applications like PCMark for Android, coming at a 4.7 percent advantage on the Work 3.0 performance test. This is despite the x86-based device benefitting from a fan to boost performance. The Arm-based Chromebook device doesn’t need one and runs comfortably cool in a fanless chassis, while still winning on performance.

Furthermore, the Arm-based Chromebook device delivers up to 2.3 times better power efficiency when running the PCMark Work 3.0 battery life test, with this representing battery life while running Android applications. This means longer-lasting devices when users are on-the-go or when charging is simply not an option. Indeed, combining the long battery life with the most popular, accessible work-based applications means optimum productivity for workers.

The significant cost of emulation makes the x86-based Chromebook device far slower and less power-efficient than the Arm-based Chromebook when running Android applications. This reflects real-world user experiences that are dominated by applications, whether for work or play.

Work and play

Premium Chromebooks based on Arm technology are redefining the laptop user experience for heavy multi-tasking and heavy workloads on the go. For work, this could mean internet browsing (with the Kompanio 1380 designed for optimal power efficiency while having more than 36 web browser tabs open), multiple displays, productivity applications like Docs, Sheets and Slides, content editing, and video conferencing. For play, the Kompanio 1380 chipset supports the heavy use of Android games (as well as cloud gaming) and video streaming and viewing, enabling faster launch times and smoother experiences.

Reasonable cost too

And one final point worth mentioning is the affordable price point of the premium Arm-based Chromebooks, which retail between $400 and $500. With real-world performance benefits, outstanding battery life and an appealing price point, Arm-based premium Chromebooks look very enticing for the average consumer.

What MediaTek say

It’s fair to say that MediaTek is very excited about the next generation of premium Arm-based Chromebook devices that are built on its Kompanio 1380 chipset. Here’s what Adam King, the Vice President and General Manager of MediaTek’s Client Computing Business Unit, had to say:

The Kompanio 1380 provides the very best real-world experiences on premium Chromebook devices. From faster, longer work-based productivity applications to smoother, more responsive gaming and entertainment experiences, the Kompanio 1380 enables unmatched performance improvements across Arm-based premium Chromebooks. This is alongside the high-power efficiency and superior all-day battery life that are common features of Arm-based devices. We cannot wait to see more of these devices hitting the market and providing the outstanding real-world experiences that users are craving in their personal and professional lives.

A new disruptor

Across different technology sectors and markets (particularly the high end), Arm-based devices are becoming a true disruptive force. This is happening in the premium Chromebook market. Through our partnership with MediaTek, we are delivering world-class Chromebooks offering the complete package of outstanding performance, efficiency and advanced features that are directly applicable to the real-world user experience. As Chromebooks emerge as a significant force in the laptop space, it’s clear that these devices across all tiers of performance, cost and efficiency will be built on Arm.

Arm’s presence in the laptop market

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