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Software Innovation on Arm: Arm DevSummit 2022

We preview Arm DevSummit 2022 and the keynotes taking place at the event focusing on living in a 'software-defined world and creating a roadmap for software innovation.
By Arm Editorial Team
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Software is now one of the most powerful forces in the world, not just in technology but society as a whole. It orchestrates world-changing experiences that impact the way we live, learn and play.

For software developers – the  future builders – Arm is one of the world’s most important tech companies. With 230 billion Arm-based chips shipped (and counting), there’s no question that the world’s software runs on Arm. The breadth and depth of the software ecosystem means Arm can support software developers at every touchpoint in the development process across a wide range of technology sectors, from consumer tech and IoT through to infrastructure and automotive.

Arm DevSummit 2022 – which opened on 26th October with 40 plus hours of content followed by live workshops on 8th and 9th November – recognizes our commitment to the 30 to 45 million software developers worldwide. The virtual event provides knowledge, insights and resources to help software developers create the very best computing experiences on Arm-based technologies.

Setting the scene for Arm DevSummit are two keynote presentations from Arm experts in the world of software and engineering – Mark Hambleton, who leads Arm’s system software teams, and Gary Campbell, who heads up Arm’s central engineering group.

Living in a ‘software-defined’ world

As Mark Hambleton explains in his Arm DevSummit keynote, now is an incredibly exciting time to be a software developer because the influence of software has never been greater. At Arm, we believe that the tech industry is now living in a ‘software-defined world’, as Mark explores in this podcast. This is because the entire industry is moving away from defining the hardware and then figuring out how it will work with the software later, to a software-defined world where the software, not the hardware, defines the characteristics that feed into the overall development process.

Arm partners involved in the infrastructure, IoT, automotive and consumer tech sectors are delivering the computing foundations for developers to create their own software-defined applications and solutions; in fact, there’s a special guest appearance from Microsoft’s Pavan Davuluri in Mark’s keynote who explains how recent developments in the Windows on Arm ecosystem are supporting software developers. All of this is enabled by Arm’s leading technologies, tools and initiatives that limit unnecessary, repetitive engineering tasks and ensure everything “just works” off-the-shelf.

Abstracting complexity

The commitment to simpler and more accessible computing is at the heart of the Arm architecture, IP designs and software investments. In the other Arm DevSummit keynote, Gary Campbell explains how Arm is working to abstract the complexity that’s in the way of developers doing their best work. No other company in the world does this better than Arm. It started with our silicon ecosystem and now transcends the software developer ecosystem. The abstraction of complexity matters to software developers because it helps them build faster, reach their audience faster and monetize faster. And it allows software developers to create their own roadmap to software innovation.

Creating a roadmap to software innovation

As part of this roadmap to software innovation, Arm walks with developers every step of the way to support them through a variety of technologies, tools and initiatives. It starts with Arm’s v9 architecture, which has laid the foundation for software developers to innovate across broad range of technology areas, from the tiniest compute sensor to the largest cloud data center. Arm’s software investments, from standards-based initiatives, including Project Cassini, Project Centauri and SystemReady, through to software development kits (SDKs) and software frameworks, then create a simpler, more effective development process. This means two things that software developers love: 1) less cost and 2) more time available to do what they do best – create, innovate and differentiate.

Going fully virtual

Due to the global nature of the software developer community, Arm has committed to a fully virtual event. This means all software developers – no matter where they’re located in the world – will be able to play a part in defining the future of computing at Arm DevSummit 2022. The six tracks at the event – mobile device technology, cloud and 5G infrastructure, autonomous and software vehicles, IoT DevOps/ virtual hardware, Windows on Arm and gaming – recognize key areas of interest for software developers where Arm touches every stage of the development process.

An event like no other

Much of the world’s software runs on Arm, and the diversity of computing devices running the Arm architecture is unmatched by any other computing architecture. So, whether software developers are working in IoT, cloud computing, gaming, mobile or automotive, Arm DevSummit 2022 will provide the insights, knowledge and resources to build future computing experiences on Arm. We invite software developers to join us virtually at Arm DevSummit 2022, so together we can change the world on Arm. Again.

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