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Arm Deploys Space Analytics as Part of Pelion Smart Spaces Solutions and Powers Coworking Facilities in Ireland

Announcing Space Analytics, which empowers property managers of coworking spaces, commercial offices and hotels with better visibility and predictability of space utilization and availability.

By Dave Weidner, senior director, Pelion Market Development, Arm

News Highlights:

  • Announcing Space Analytics, which empowers property managers of coworking spaces, commercial offices and hotels with better visibility and predictability of space utilization and availability
  • Leverages off-the-shelf IoT devices to deliver analytics for driving higher revenue, lower operating expenses and enhanced occupant experiences
  • Dogpatch Labs, Ireland’s leading startup hub and home to 80 startups, has deployed this solution to optimize coworking space and better understand movements of its members

Commercial building property managers are under pressure to maximize value per square foot and deliver optimal experiences for their occupants. The Internet of Things (IoT) can help solve these challenges by providing better insights and predictability for space usage including room occupancy, resource trends and traffic patterns. Additionally, property managers can leverage the physical data insights of IoT to design energy efficient and monetizable spaces, as well as increase employee safety, productivity and engagement.

Today we’re announcing Space Analytics as part of our Arm Pelion Smart Spaces solutions for property managers of hotels, coworking spaces and commercial buildings to see when, where and how building spaces are being utilized. Based on our Pelion IoT platform, Space Analytics securely gathers and analyzes data from off-the-shelf IoT devices (such as smart lighting, sensors, locks, IP cameras, badge readers) to deliver actionable insights and predict availability of space. Through the solution’s machine learning capabilities, we’re able to provide actionable data insights on space and resource usage, all of which work toward driving greater efficiencies and maximizing revenue.

Let me give you a few examples of how a property manager could use these data insights: provide discounted pricing to customers for non-peak hours, offer the best and closest available working space, or reduce operating expenses related to energy, cleaning and lighting through a better understanding of usage and occupancy. You can also pair this with our Indoor Lighting solution to tailor room lighting based on users’ preferences.

Another example of where Space Analytics will provide immediate value is for the rapidly growing coworking spaces market. In fact, Europe is forecast to have 255 million square feet of commercial property dedicated to coworking spaces in 2019, due in large part to the growth of self-employees and startups looking for flexibility and cost savings. This is why Ireland’s Dogpatch Labs, chose Space Analytics for its Dublin Docklands startup hub. The company is implementing the solution to improve dynamic management of spaces throughout its facilities. This will help Dogpatch Labs optimize the space and enhance usability for its community of around 400 entrepreneurs.

Our Indoor Lighting offering also enables the rapid deployment, remote management and security of intelligent lighting controls that reduce maintenance costs and provide energy savings. We’re already working to deploy this in our own Cambridge headquarters.

Space Analytics and Indoor Lighting are currently available and can be purchased as standalone offerings or in conjunction with one another. These Pelion Smart Spaces solutions provide a secure and scalable way for companies to easily obtain actionable insights, onboard any device, as well as rapidly incorporate new features from our vast ecosystem of application partners.

Interested in seeing these in action? Come visit our booth at LIGHTFAIR (Booth #4141) on May 21-23, 2019 to check out these demos, as well as access control features for smart spaces using smart camera, RFID badges and smart locks.

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