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Arm Enables Global IoT Proliferation Through Pelion IoT Platform Ecosystem Expansion

Arm is providing the underlying IoT connectivity and management technologies through the Pelion IoT platform, enabling partners to quickly make the leap from proof of concepts to massive global scale.

By Dave Weidner, senior director, Pelion Market Development, Arm

According to the 2020 Economist IoT Business Index study, nearly one-third of external IoT projects remain in the early implementation phase. While this is a vast improvement compared to previous years (only 14% in 2017), there is still much work to be done. To address this, Arm is focusing its efforts on providing the underlying IoT connectivity and management technologies, enabling our partners to quickly make the leap from proof of concepts to massive global scale. Our new strategic partnership with Hexing is a great example of this as the Arm Pelion IoT platform is providing the buildings blocks to create full-stack IoT solutions for their customers and to expand into new markets.

Furthering Pelion adoption within utilities

Our Pelion IoT platform is helping smart metering vendors and utilities deploy, connect, secure, and manage their next-generation advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). The latest example of this is Hexing, who is leveraging Pelion Device Management and standard-based Wi-SUN compliant connectivity, which will enable them to penetrate new and emerging markets, such as South East Asia, India, South America and Europe, with their smart meters and AMI solutions. Wi-SUN unlocks radically lower operating costs for large-scale device deployments that is critical for these markets, by offering a mesh network architecture that minimizes direct cellular connections for devices without compromising on bandwidth, throughput or security. Pelion Device Management ensures that these smart meters can be maintained and updated over-the-air throughout their multi-year lifecycles.

In speaking with Liangzhang Zhou, Chairman at Hexing, he provided some additional context on why Hexing is leveraging Wi-SUN and Pelion. He mentioned that “Single-network, multi-application deployments adhering to Wi-SUN standards ensure utilities can be confident that their technology is on the most reliable, economical, and extensible secure network available today. Integrating Arm’s market-leading Pelion IoT platform into Hexing’s smart metering products and Orca application offerings delivers proven device management and meter control to operate and maintain the in-life assets, as well as the cost-effective solution for utilities.”

Teaming up to scale to a trillion connected devices globally

Unlocking the value of IoT and reaching massive scale requires a collaborative team effort. Hexing is just the latest example of our growing Pelion partner ecosystem. We continue to work closely with the world’s leading solution providers who are assembling their go-to-market strategies around Pelion to facilitate the proliferation of connected devices.

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