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Arm Neoverse Adopted by Google Cloud

Google Cloud customers and developers now have access to Tau T2A VMs, using the Ampere Altra CPU, based on the Arm Neoverse N1 core.
By Chris Bergey, SVP and GM of the Client Business, Arm

By Chris Bergey, SVP & GM, Infrastructure Line of Business, Arm

The cloud is continuously transforming, with cloud service providers increasingly looking to redefine performance and possibilities in cloud computing on Arm. Google Cloud is the latest example of this with the adoption of the Arm Neoverse platform via the newly announced Tau T2A VMs.

Beginning today, Google Cloud customers and developers have access to Tau T2A VMs, using the Ampere Altra CPU, based on the Arm Neoverse N1 core. If you’ve been following Arm adoption across our other cloud customers, you are already familiar with the low-cost, energy efficient, and performant benefits of the Neoverse platform. Those performance-per-watt benefits are now helping to drive significant advantages of the new Tau T2A VMs: exceptional single-threaded performance, a compelling price, and broad support from operating systems, ISVs and Google Cloud services. In addition, Google Cloud has joined the Works on Arm initiative, ensuring developers can build, test and optimize projects on the Arm architecture at no cost for a trial period.

The Cloud is “all in” on Neoverse

The philosophy behind Neoverse is that all cloud computing should be performant, efficient and sustainable. But we can’t achieve that goal unless Neoverse is in all the major public clouds, and today we can proudly say we are!

Importantly, new architectures like Arm are critical in supporting the growth of cloud adoption and reducing carbon output so that organizations can achieve ambitious sustainability goals.

Arm pioneered high-performance, energy-efficient computing and now touches nearly 70% of the population, from smartphones to wearables, laptops, IoT devices, 5G equipment and now, cloud servers. The long-standing collaboration between Arm and Google Cloud now spans enabling ultra-low power ML at the edge with tinyML, improving user experiences on Android, to building a cleaner cloud with Tau T2A VMs, all while working together to set a higher standard for security from edge to cloud.

Today, every developer across the world can get access to a modern cloud based on Arm. The journey for Neoverse has just begun and hopefully, in 10 years we can look back and recognize what we started. There’s no question that our technology is defining the future of computing, and the future of cloud is being built on Arm.

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