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Arm SystemReady Surpasses 100 Certifications, Driving Standardization Where it Matters

By Andy Rose, VP Technology Strategy and Fellow, Arm

By Andy Rose, VP Technology Strategy and Fellow, Arm

As our lives become increasingly digitized and digital transformation is embraced across all industries, we’re seeing an insatiable demand for compute in every market we serve. To truly scale, collaboration is critical to enabling the secure computing platforms at the heart of this transformation. Industry initiatives that bring the ecosystem together to explore and address some of the challenges we face have never been more important as upcoming regulation will pay even closer attention to critical functionality, like secure boot and mandatory software updates after devices ship. These challenges also include the need for reduced fragmentation, better interoperability and lower total cost of ownership.

Arm has been a leader in driving best practice standards and certifications that enable continuous software development to accelerate the availability of common foundations on platforms our partners can build on. Today we are pleased to announce that the Arm SystemReady program has achieved over 100 certifications. This milestone is significant and it illustrates the fantastic momentum we’re seeing as the program continues with its vision to enable systems where software “just works”.

The Arm SystemReady program was introduced in 2020, to enable rapid deployment of Arm-based systems across all OSes (including Linux, Windows, BSD and VMware) by collaborating on non-differentiating software. There are five SystemReady certification bands which consider the needs of specific markets as well as the OS requirements across data center, cloud edge and IoT devices. Since its launch, the SystemReady program has enabled a rich and diverse set of operating systems to install and boot seamlessly on Arm, supporting the ecosystem to connect devices across the network.

The certifications achieved to date span areas from infrastructure to IoT and are accelerating the availability of compliant systems built with interoperability in mind, reducing total cost of ownership while accelerating time to market. The program also enables innovation by helping the industry to standardize where it matters, so developers can easily build on top to create a better out-of-the-box experience for the end user.

The last three years have seen significant achievements across the SystemReady program, solidifying a common software foundation for compute that powers a variety of applications we rely on each day. From the edge and IoT devices we rely on each day, to the servers which process all of the data coming from those devices to create meaningful insights, below summarizes our SystemReady milestones to date:

  • SystemReady SR – targeting server or workstation Arm-based SoCs running Windows, VMware, Linux or BSD – has reached 29 total certifications including the recent HPE ProLiant RL300 Gen11 server in partnership with Ampere Computing.
  • In addition, Ampere with the Mt. Jade platform is the first to reach SystemReady LS certification, which targets Linux OSes on Arm server SoCs.
  • SystemReady ES targets embedded and DPU/IPU Arm-based SoCs running Windows, VMware, Linux or BSD and has achieved 22 total certifications to date with NVIDIA and Marvell recently achieving the first DPU/IPU certifications.
  • SystemReady IR targets embedded and IoT Arm-based SoCs running Linux and BSD, including both custom (Yocto, OpenWRT, Buildroot) and pre-build (Debian, Fedora, SUSE, Ubuntu) OSes. To date, SystemReady IR has solidified 34 total certifications, with NXP achieving the first SystemReady IR 2.0 certification, demonstrating increased security.
  • SystemReady VE has seen 17 total certifications for virtual environments with leading cloud service providers including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure certifying their cloud instances. Parallels and VMware have certified their virtual platforms, while Arm and Linaro also certified Neoverse N2 Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) and QEMU respectively.

We’re proud that the Arm ecosystem is committed to pushing the SystemReady program forward, and it’s vital that we continue to collaborate as an ecosystem to overcome software challenges and raise the bar on security. We believe the future of computing, from cloud to edge and endpoint, will be built on Arm, and programs like SystemReady will ensure we get there with a robust and unified software ecosystem.

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