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Beyond the Arm Newsroom: What’s new at Arm in March 2024?

Neoverse innovations, automotive computing transformation, Tech Talks and more.
By Arm Editorial Team
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Your editors at the Arm Newsroom Blog are ever vigilant in the search for the latest and most fascinating technology trends and stories at any moment. While the Newsroom Blog’s mission is to deliver analysis and thought leadership that gives readers a view of what’s “just around the bend,” we’re adding a feature pointing readers to great technology stories in other channels of the Arm universe. 

Here’s a curated list of what caught our eye recently. 

Arm Community

To Neoverse and beyond….

Following the recent Neoverse launch, colleagues from Arm’s Infrastructure Line of Business provide technical deep-dives exploring the latest Neoverse products covering new compute subsystems (CSS) and system IP. These include:

This was followed by a guest blog from Marius Vöhringer, Director of Cloud Transformation and Sustainable IT, Capgemini, who looked at the reduced energy consumption and costs in the AWS Cloud that are made possible by the new generation of Arm-based CPUs. Meanwhile, Arm’s Marc Meunier provided details about a new whitepaper that outlines how to achieve high performance and efficiency with firewalls and networking workloads on Arm Neoverse. 

The automotive computing transformation

As part of the new suite of automotive technologies announced by Arm, Madhusudan Rao, Arm’s Functional Safety Lead, provided more details about the functional safety capabilities across Arm’s new Automotive Enhanced (AE) IP in this blog. Alongside the new hardware, Rao also outlines the comprehensive package of software support for functional safety covering software test libraries (STLs), tools and compilers.

Also, in the run-up to the Arm automotive launch, Arm’s Prakash Mohapatra offered guidance to partners on migrating existing software from Cortex-M Armv7-M based designs to Cortex-R Armv8-R based designs in this blog. This is part of a broader move to zonal controllers in E/E architectures within the automotive industry.

New Distinguished Arm Ambassadors

As the Arm Developer Program surpasses 9,000 members, Gemma Platt, Head of Developer Marketing, introduced 14 new “Distinguished Arm Ambassadors” in this blog. These ambassadors are highly active across a variety of software communities worldwide and already play pivotal roles in the Arm Developer Program educating and growing the developer community.

One of these new Distinguished Arm Ambassadors, Ajeet Singh Raina, provided a detailed rundown of how developers can supercharge their Arm builds with Docker Build Cloud in this blog. Docker Build Cloud aims to transform the building process for Arm-based applications through offering greater speed, efficiency and simplicity during the development process. Expect more technical blogs from these Distinguished Arm Ambassadors in the future!

Arm Mobile Studio becomes Arm Performance Studio

Arm’s Julie Gaskin announced that Arm Mobile Studio is changing its name to Arm Performance Studio in this blog. There will be no reduction in the functionality and all the tools are still available for free to developers looking to optimize the performance and efficiency of their applications. The name change reflects the fact that these free tools are not just limited to mobile applications.

One of these tools is Performance Advisor, with Arm Software Engineer Connor Brookes outlining several new features for custom reporting when using the tool in this blog. Users of Performance Advisor can create custom reports that allow them to tailor the data they see in the performance report of their application to exact requirements. The new features give users an even greater degree of control over what they see in their reports.

Arm Tech Talks

Arm’s Tobias McBride, partner ecosystem manager, always seems to be everywhere at once, whether he’s at Mobile World Congress or Embedded World covering all the cool innovations coming from Arm partners the Arm Tech Talks program. Here’s a few recent gems worth diving into on YouTube: 

Softbank on the AI-RAN Alliance: Toby puts down his paella in Barcelona for a moment to chat with Softbank’s Kazuhiro Hariba about the launch of the AI-RAN Alliance, a new initiative that aims to integrate AI and radio access network for faster and more secure network services. The alliance brings together industry leaders such as SoftBank, Arm, Nvidia, and many others who share a vision of transforming the communication business with AI applications. Here’s the segment:

Synaptics at the Edge: Far from the clinking of coins in Las Vegas casinos, Toby interviews Arm partner Synaptics at CES 2024. There, the company showcased a wide range of products and demos, including Astra product line, smart MCU, high-end multimedia processors, and Wi-Fi sensing technology. Synaptics builds its products on a wide portfolio of Arm processors, including Cortex R, Cortex A, and Cortex M, for a seamless unified experience for AI developers. And it leverages Arm Virtual Hardware and security technologies in its development and deployment of AI on the edge. Here Synaptics’ Elad Baram, product manager of smart MCUs, gives us a deep dive into evolving AI at the edge:

Renesas and IoT: If you are looking for high-performance and secure 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) based on the Arm Cortex M85 core, you might want to check out the new RA8 series from Renesas. These MCUs are designed for a variety of applications that require DSP and AI/ML capabilities, such as industrial, smart metering, consumer products, medical devices, smart home, and building automation. They also come with flexible software packages, integrated development environments, and support for various Arm debug IPs to help you develop your AI and ML applications with ease. Here Toby does a deep dive with experts from Renesas to learn more about the features and benefits of the RA8 series MCUs:

Arm Developers Weekly Dose

Arm developer evangelist Gabriel Peterson chimes in from Arm Developer’s Weekly Dose show with updates, among other things, on Panther, the open-source driver for third-generation Arm Valhall GPUs, an interactive climbing wall powered by a Raspberry Pi and news about various operating systems compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5, including Raspberry Pi OS, Ubuntu, Armbian, OpenELEC, Linux Libre, and Recalbox.

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