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Enabling the AI Infrastructure on Arm

By Mohamed Awad, SVP and GM of the Infrastructure Business, Arm

News Highlights

  • Announcing two new Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS) built on brand new third generation Neoverse IP:
    • Arm Neoverse CSS V3, the first Neoverse CSS product for the high-performance V-series portfolio with a 50% performance-per-socket improvement over CSS N2 
    • Arm Neoverse CSS N3, an extension of our leading N-series CSS roadmap, delivering 20% higher performance-per-watt compared to CSS N2 
  • Arm Total Design ecosystem grows to more than 20 members in just four months, and is delivering SoC and chiplet designs across three leading foundries 

Arm has built the world’s most pervasive compute architecture and we’ve led many of the technology revolutions that impact the day-to-day lives of people everywhere. 

It’s amazing to think that right now, we are doing it again.  

From the smallest sensor to the largest data center, the world is embracing AI.  Whether it is happening in education, employment, manufacturing, healthcare or transportation – AI is happening on Arm. 

Within infrastructure, commodity general-purpose CPUs are no longer sufficient. We are seeing technology giants like AWS, Microsoft and NVIDIA re-design and optimize their entire stack, from silicon to software and systems, to meet the performance, efficiency and ultimately TCO requirements of this demanding new workload.

We’re incredibly proud that industry leaders have chosen Arm Neoverse as the foundation for the world’s AI aspirations.  It’s a testament to our technical leadership, the freedom we give partners to innovate and the strength of our ecosystem.  Arm is unique in the industry because we bring these things together – technology, flexibility, and ecosystem – in a way that nobody else can.   

It’s for these reasons that I am so excited to introduce the next chapter in the Arm Neoverse journey.

Today we are announcing the best generation of Neoverse technology yet.  First, we are extending our Neoverse Compute Subsystems (CSS) roadmap with new N-series IP that takes performance efficiency to the next level.  Neoverse CSS N3 achieves an impressive 20% higher performance-per-watt compared to Neoverse CSS N2.  In addition, we are also bringing compute subsystems to our performance-focused V-series product line for the first time. The new Neoverse CSS V3 is based on all-new Neoverse V3 IP and delivers a whopping 50% performance-per-socket improvement over our previous Neoverse CSS offerings.

Arm Neoverse CSS are a game changer.  They are optimized, integrated, and verified platforms which bring together the key technologies that make up the heart of an SoC.  With Neoverse CSS we have created the perfect starting point for partners looking to prioritize differentiation, SoC optimization and an accelerated time to market.  And because Arm engages with our partners at a fundamentally deeper level than any other compute vendor in the industry, Neoverse CSS are specifically designed to maximize TCO for the workloads that matter most and deliver support for key new technologies like chiplets.

The results speak for themselves. Neoverse CSS are being adopted across the industry by everyone from hyperscalers to startups and in applications as diverse as cloud compute, networking, data center infrastructure and even AI. Microsoft Cobalt is just one example of a shipping product based on Neoverse CSS.

We’re not stopping there. Arm knows that one of our strongest assets is our ecosystem, so to further enable partners to deliver customized solutions quickly, and successfully, we introduced Arm Total Design.  Arm Total Design is an ecosystem of partners committed to the frictionless delivery of custom SoCs based on Neoverse CSS. In the last few months, Arm Total Design has brought together partners from across the technology landscape who are investing alongside us. 

Today we are proud to announce that Arm Total Design has expanded to include over 20 partners, all committed to ensuring broad accessibility of performant, efficient solutions that will help meet the computing demands of an AI-accelerated future. These partners are already working together on everything from verifying IP, and customizing firmware, through to building chiplets on the world’s most advanced process nodes – all using Neoverse CSS. 

We are even leveraging feedback from the Arm Total Design ecosystem to shape our recently announced Chiplet System Architecture (CSA).  CSA begins the journey of defining what a robust interchangeable chiplet ecosystem will look like.

From delivering the foundational compute platforms that are enabling more innovation than ever before, to providing software ecosystem leadership to more than 50K companies deploying critical workloads, the Arm Neoverse story is an exciting one.  With a continuing commitment from the largest players in technology, to systems, software and silicon – all built on Neoverse – it’s clear that Arm is consistently at the heart of solving the world’s most complex compute challenges.  We are committed to delivering the technology, innovation and ecosystem required so that together, we will make the promise of AI a reality.

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  • Read more about the new Neoverse S3 system IP here.
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