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Beyond the Arm Newsroom: May 2024 Round-up

Arm’s May 2024 tech highlights: Partnership with Tencent, SME, the power of Neoverse V1, and launch of Arm Development Studio 2024.0.
By Arm Editorial Team

The Arm Editorial Team is always on the lookout for the newest and most intriguing technology trends and narratives. Beyond the Arm Newsroom is our effort to direct our readers to technology stories from other parts of Arm’s digital estate.

Here’s a handpicked list of recent highlights that piqued our interest during May 2024.

Arm and Tencent revolutionizing mobile gaming technology

Together with Tencent Games, we have introduced NanoMesh, a new rendering technology that helps to improve gaming performance on mobile devices by simplifying high-poly mesh modelling for cross-platform games. Nathan Li, Senior Manager for Developer Ecosystems, explains how the use of NanoMesh can reduce the size of game packages by 70 percent in disk space and allow for faster download times, all while maintaining a high visual appeal.

Powering AI data processing with Arm’s SME

Arm Scalable Matrix Extension (SME) is an Armv9 architectural feature that helps enhance matrix operations for AI data processing, building on the Scalable Vector Extensions (SVE and SVE2), with improved capabilities for efficient matrix processing. Senior Principal Applications Engineer Zenon Xiu explains in this Part 1 blog that through Arm’s SME, applications can dynamically switch between Streaming SVE and Non-streaming SVE modes, leveraging new instructions and storage structures like the Z-Array for optimal data handling for AI workloads.

Stay tuned for a Part 2 blog to learn more.  

The power and efficiency of Arm Neoverse V1 and AWS Graviton3 CPUs

We recently showcased the exceptional performance and efficiency of the Arm Neoverse V1-based AWS Graviton3 CPUs when running LLMs (large language models). Ravi Malhotra, our Hyperscale Solutions Architect, explains that the Graviton3 CPUs demonstrated up to 3x better performance in prompt processing and token generation when compared to other server CPUs. This breakthrough is particularly significant for developers deploying smaller, more focused LLMs in their applications, offering a cost-effective and scalable solution.

Arm Development Studio 2024.0 installers now available

Arm Development Studio 2024.0 is now available, with this supporting the latest Arm processors and architectures. In this article, Ronan Synnott, Principal Applications Engineer at Arm, highlights the new features, including enhanced memory view formats, debugger commands, and gdbserver connectivity for M-profile devices. This is a major advancement in development tools from Arm that offers granular support for Arm IP and aids developers through improved debugging capabilities.

Paving the way for AI-enabled software defined vehicles on Arm

The automotive industry is shifting to a zonal architecture with a central compute system to minimize the number of ECUs and support AI-enabled, software-defined vehicles. Through this article, Arm’s Director Automotive Partnerships for EMEA, Bernhard Rill explains that this shift towards consolidated, high performance systems-on-chips (SoCs) with Cortex-R52+ has allowed for various scalable development and multi-ECU software reuse across the automotive industry.

Delivering robust developer tools with GCC-14 Release

Through a series of blogs detailing the several improvements in the GCC-14 release, our Principal Software Engineer Tamar Christina showcased the significant enhancements we made to the compiler.

One of the focuses was to address the technical debt and simplifying vector zero concats. We have improved the compiler’s maintenance and ease of contribution, as well as making improvements in the vectorization – particularly the shift from a statement-based loop vectorizer to a loop-aware SLP vectorizer.

Additionally, some specific improvements to memcpy/memmove were made and SME/SME2 architecture extensions have been introduced, thus allowing users to write routines performing various matrix operations on large datasets.

These improvements in GCC 14 mean that developers can expect a much-improved compiler that is easier to maintain and contribute to, and that generates more efficient code. This translates to software that is more performant and reliable. The GCC-14 release marks a significant step forward in Arm’s ongoing commitment to delivering robust and efficient tools for developers.

Pioneering energy-efficient solutions with Red Hat on Arm

Through our collaboration with Red Hat, we have developed energy-efficient solutions for diverse infrastructure deployments across automotive, telco, and edge segments. As highlighted by Arm’s Director of Software Ecosystem Yan Fisher, the partnership has also introduced virtualization support on 64-bit Arm platforms in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, allowing for enhanced development and deployment flexibility across architectures. This joint effort is pivotal in advancing infrastructure solutions, fostering interoperability, and shaping a dynamic, resilient IT landscape with a focus on compatibility and performance.

Arm Education in Conversation with Eben Upton

Eben Upton, Founder and CEO of Raspberry Pi Ltd., discusses the origins of Raspberry Pi computer, why he chose Arm as the architecture of choice for the projects, and the continuing importance of general-purpose computing.

Building Edge AI on Arm

Tobias McBride, Manager Partner Ecosystem, hosts a collaborative discussion between Arm, NVIDIA, and Edge Impulse on building Edge AI on Arm devices. Together, they showcase a real-world example of object detection using synthetic data created in NVIDIA Omniverse and trained with Edge Impulse. Check this video to find out more.

Developer advancements with Windows on Arm

Hosted by Michael Hall from Arm’s Innovation Coffee series, featuring David Whaley, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Arm, and Jeremy Sinclair, a Microsoft MVP and Arm Ambassador, this video explores the various advancements and developer opportunities with Windows on Arm.

Arm talks at Game Developer Conference 2024

Through a series of video recordings of our 2024 GDC talks, we explore the latest innovations and developments with mobile graphics. The videos feature the evolution of ray tracing technology and strategies for balancing visual fidelity with computational efficiency on Arm’s Mali GPUs. We also delve into our collaboration with Tencent Games and MediaTek to elevate mobile graphics through SmartGI evolution. Check out these videos to learn more.

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