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Works on Arm: Developer Access to Arm-based Instances from Leading Cloud Providers

Arm is empowering developer innovation with free access to Arm-based developer platforms through the Works on Arm initiative. Now, leading cloud providers are making Arm Neoverse-based compute instances available.
By Mohamed Awad, SVP and GM of the Infrastructure Business, Arm

By Mohamed Awad, SVP and GM, Infrastructure Line of Business

News Highlights:

  • Arm is empowering developer innovation with free access to Arm-based developer platforms through the Works on Arm initiative
  • Leading cloud providers are making Arm Neoverse-based compute instances available
  • More than 100 open-source projects are supported by Works on Arm, enabling software innovation across the cloud-to-edge infrastructure

Our recent Neoverse roadmap update highlighted how Arm is delivering the performance, efficiency and specialized processing that the infrastructure market demands. A key requirement in building this next chapter of computing infrastructure is a thriving developer ecosystem empowered by the knowledge that software just works on Arm. We believe that Arm developers are first-class citizens when it comes to optimizing their software projects across cloud, edge and telco and our commitment to this ecosystem is anchored by three things:

  • Open-source leadership: Arm provides R&D contributions across the open-source software ecosystem. This includes enabling and optimizing key languages, libraries and compiles, operating systems, container runtimes and orchestration, AI/ML frameworks and cloud software workloads.
  • Software partnerships: We continue to build ISV partnerships across the software stack to enable commercially supported software for customer deployments. The Arm architecture is now supported by leading commercially available operating systems, CI/CD platforms and cloud native ISVs.
  • Frictionless development: Enabling developers to innovate means providing them with tools, documentation and platform access through initiatives like Works on Arm. We’ve been developing Works on Arm to enable developers to build, test and optimize projects on the Arm architecture by providing free access to Arm-based developer platforms, cloud instances and CI/CD environments.

Supporting software innovation from cloud-to-edge

As part of the Works on Arm initiative, today we’re announcing that leading cloud platform providers including AWS, Equinix, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Tencent are making Neoverse-based compute instances available, offering developers a broad range of choices in free and easy access to Arm-based cloud compute.

Additionally, Works on Arm now supports over 100 open-source projects across the software stack including:

  • Cloud native projects such as Bazel, Jenkins and Travis CI, gVisor and Kata containers
  • Languages such as Julia, Node.js, Python, Ruby and Ocaml
  • OS and Virtualization projects such as AlmaLinux, Alpine Linux, Debian CI, ELRepo, KVM and Xen Project
  • Databases such as MariaDB and ScllyaDB

Access to Arm-based platforms enables these projects to execute better build times, run extensive test suites including better regression testing and bug resolution, as well as performance benchmarking and optimizations. We’re providing the foundation for a better overall developer experience and making it easier for developers to put the Arm architecture to work for them.

But Works on Arm spans more than cloud. Through our partnership with miniNodes, we’re also now enabling hosted access to IoT and edge platforms, like Jetson Nano and Raspberry Pi, which support the development of edge native software and use cases. With Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH), we’re taking things to a whole new level with cloud-hosted virtual models of Arm-based IoT endpoint devices. Not only are we enabling embedded developers to accelerate their CI/CD workflows and other development use cases, but with our partner Corellium, we’re showing all the benefits of Arm-based cloud compute by hosting AVH on Arm servers.

Arm Neoverse continues to deliver the roadmap for the infrastructure solutions of tomorrow and developers are hungry to access all that Neoverse can deliver. The Works on Arm program ensures that cloud native developers across the globe now have free access to Arm-based compute resources – anywhere, anytime. Combined with our continued commitment to open source and deep partnerships across the software ecosystem, we’re building the future of infrastructure together on Arm.

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