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The Arm A to Z in 2023: Building the Future of Computing and Enabling AI Everywhere

By Arm Editorial Team

A transformative year – 2023 has been a year where technology and computing transformation happened on Arm, with groundbreaking achievements and announcements across every corner of computing.

Fulfilling Arm’s mission – These are all part of Arm’s broad mission to build the future of computing and enable AI everywhere.

Read on to learn how – Here’s the A to Z of Arm in 2023 highlighting just some of these achievements for the company and our world-leading ecosystem.

A is for Artificial Intelligence (AI), with Arm’s ubiquitous compute platform enabling AI capabilities across every technology touchpoint, from sensors to smartphones, cloud to edge, software-defined vehicles to supercomputers.

B is for the Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists where Arm’s Jade Alglave was announced as an honoree for this prestigious award following her work transforming compute in concurrent systems.

Jade Alglave with Arm EVP and Chief Architect Richard Grithenswaite

C is for Custom Silicon, with Microsoft announcing its first custom silicon for the cloud, the Microsoft Azure Cobalt CPU, which is built on the Arm Neoverse Compute Subsystems; AWS announcing the new Arm Neoverse-based Graviton4; and Arm launching Arm Total Design to harness the power of the ecosystem as part of the era of custom silicon.

D is for Developers, with 15 million software developers worldwide building their applications on the Arm compute platform, which contributes to Arm having the world’s largest software ecosystem.

E is for Education, with Arm launching a new global initiative known as the Semiconductor Education Alliance with support from across industry, academia and government to nurture new talent in global education systems and upskill the existing semiconductor workforce.

F is for Flexible Licensing Models, with Arm announcing an expansion of Arm Total Access and adding more IP and technologies as part of Arm Flexible Access, which, in particular, can benefit early-stage silicon startups as they seek to build innovative compute solutions on Arm.

G is for Grace Hopper, a breakthrough AI-accelerated CPU from NVIDIA designed for giant-scale AI and HPC applications that is powered by 144 Arm Neoverse V2 cores.

H is for Helium, with the new Arm Cortex-M52 being the smallest, most area and cost-efficient processor enabled with Arm Helium technology, delivering enhanced AI capabilities for lower cost IoT devices.

I is for IPO, with Arm becoming a public company on 14th September 2023 and celebrations following across our 43 sites worldwide as we continue our mission to build the future of computing.

Arm IPO celebrations at NASDAQ HQ in New York City

J is for Joint Silicon Collaborations, with Arm and Intel Foundry announcing a multi-generational collaboration on leading-edge system-on-chip (SoC) designs and Arm taking its partnership with TSMC a step further through taping out Cortex-X4 on the TSCMC N3E process, which is an industry first.

L is for Learning Paths, which include a range of tutorials, code examples and install guides that are featured in the newly launched Arm Developer Hub.

M is for Microcontrollers (MCUs), with Arm-based MCUs announced for the automotive market by industry-leading partners NXP and Renesas.

The modern vehicle which is being built on Arm-based MCUs

N is for Network Infrastructure, as Arm showcased its latest advancements in 5G at Mobile World Congress 2023.

O is for Open-Source, with Arm reinforcing the commitment to open collaboration with an expansion of open-source partnerships, including Collabora and its open-source GPU driver.

P is for Partners, with a broad range of Arm partners shipping more than 270 billion chips as part of the mission to build the future of computing and enable AI everywhere.

Q is for Quarterly Earnings, with Arm announcing its first quarterly earnings as a public company for over seven years in the second quarter of FY24, which saw record revenues for the company.

R is for Raspberry Pi, which received strategic investment from Arm as part of the ongoing long-term partnership between the two companies as both continue to deliver critical solutions for the IoT developer community.

S is for Security, with key Arm security technologies, including Memory Tagging Extension (MTE), Pointer Authentication (PAC) and Branch Target Identification (BTI), being adopted by leading partners to provide an improved, more secure user and developer experience across the mobile and IoT ecosystems.

T is for Total Compute Solutions 2023 (TCS23), which was launched by Arm at COMPUTEX 2023 as the compute platform for mobile computing, with MediaTek and vivo bringing TCS23 to life through the flagship Dimensity 9300 SoC which was then adopted by the X100 and X100 Pro smartphones.

Chris Bergey, SVP and GM of Arm’s Client Line of Business, launcing TCS23 at COMPUTEX

U is for Unlocking Future Technology Innovation, with Arm highlighting a variety of AI-powered ambient experiences that are set to transform the daily lives of people worldwide.

V is for Vehicles, with Arm setting out how the automotive industry can achieve the future software-defined vehicle vision at various industry events throughout 2023.

W is for Windows on Arm (WoA), with a wide variety of announcements at Microsoft Build 2023 that demonstrated significant momentum in the WoA ecosystem.

Microsoft and Arm at Build

X is for Cortex-X, with Arm launching the highest-performing, most energy-efficient Cortex-X CPU ever, the Cortex-X4, as part of TCS23.

Y is Yearly Reports, with the PSA Certified 2023 Security report highlighting the need to “stay ahead of the curve” on connected device security as it is a vital pillar for the technology strategies of companies worldwide.

Z is for Zooming into 2024, as Arm promises a series of exciting announcements throughout the next year, and appearances at key industry gatherings starting with CES 2024.

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